Sincerely, Madysen

Living with depression since I was 11. I was brainwashed and groomed into the perfect victim for my abuser. It went unnoticed for months, until he was arrested for something completely different. The cops didn't even notice me in his bed. I didn't report it for at least 6 months.

In the meantime my motivation and grades plummeted. I began a court case against him and the court told me I had no evidence. I went to therapy on and off for 5 years after I had been caught self harming. While the mental recovery went on, I found out I had an invisible disability. I am still waiting for the proper diagnosis. A connective tissue disorder, they say, with no cure. I will ache for my entire life. I will never dance competitively again. It makes me feel so weak knowing that at any moment some joint could just go wrong. I've gone through 2 surgeries on my knees now to help with the instability. In fact, as of 7/18, I'm 18 days out of my second.

Being immobile is one of the hardest things I've had to live through, but I'm sharing all of my story to show how I have learned to not give up. I will take breaks, and then continue to fight. Every day is a new battle and all one can do is try to overcome it.

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